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“I have known Pete for more than 26 years. He is extremely professional and an effective leader with USANA. I have found his corporate experience, and now owning his own USANA business to be very valuable as he helps others succeed in reaching their goals. Pete and Dora have been great partners in helping USANA as we reach levels of international success.”


Kevin Guest, USANA Health Sciences Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board


"Integrity is the real bottom line and throughout my 26 year business and personal relationship with Pete and Dora Zdanis, they exemplify this critical leadership trait in all that they do. They listen before they offer advice, they are generous and giving without needing reciprocity, they put others' interests first, they are tireless mentors and stewards, and they are well informed, as well as always upgrading their knowledge in the best business practices. It is a privilege to call them professional partners and friends."


Denis Waitley, Ph.D., Best Selling Author of "The Psychology of Winning" and "Seeds of Greatness", Keynote Speaker and Productivity Consultant



"Pete is an expert at building and nurturing powerful networks. In the five years I've known him, he's proven to be a tremendous leader who strives to be the best — not only for himself, but also for the thousands of entrepreneurs and health-conscious individuals he's guided and mentored.


I continue to be impressed by Pete's drive and determination. He thoroughly understands the power of social networking and has achieved great success by developing key relationships online. For me, from a corporate social media perspective, I'm always grateful that Pete lets us tap into his own expansive network when we have important messages to share with USANA Associates quickly and effectively.

I have great respect for Pete and what he's accomplished, and his leadership skills are second to none."

Tim Haran, Former Social Media Manager and Content Creator, USANA Health Sciences



“Pete Zdanis and TPO are nothing short of World-class! As a Mentor and Coach his business experiences can help propel you to amazing heights. If you're serious about building your business, and I mean serious, then Pete is the man.”


Dante Fiore, Business Specialist, Indianapolis, IN



“Pete Zdanis is a leader's leader. In our community at USANA he is among the most well-respected associates in the world. I am honored to work with Pete as a colleague and I am always happy to learn from his endless wisdom, encouragement, and most of all professionalism. If you are considering working with Pete, know that you will be in very capable hands.”


Rosie Bank, California, USANA Independent Associate


“Pete Zdanis is an awesome person. He is a professional in the MLM industry. He is NOT self-centred and he is always there to help, guide and share whole-heartedly his expertise knowledge to anyone. I have personally gained a wealth of knowledge thru' Pete's regular emails about the company and industry. If you are serious about the MLM Industry and if you had been contacted by him, be rest assured that Pete will be there to show you the path to SUCCESS.”


Sam Renga, Singapore, USANA Independent Associate



“Pete Zdanis is an amazing entrepreneur and businessman. His leadership has led him to great success, in fact he and his wife Dora are top 25 income earners at USANA Health Sciences, which tells a lot considering there are over 200,000 Active Associates. His attention for detail and his communication skills are just a few of his talents.”


Mark Wilson, Utah, Former USANA Executive VP of Sales



“Pete Zdanis has proven to be a true business partner and friend focused on improving his own personal home based business while working closely with USANA Home Office personnel to advance our overall impact throughout the world. He has an acute focus and attention to detail which helps us work together to ensure that we deliver world class products with a seamless message. Pete has a skill set that ensures consistent, positive results and he is keenly aware of what is necessary to be successful in a very competitive environment.”


Dan Macuga, Utah, VP Network Development & Public Relations, USANA Health Sciences



“As an ABC-TV expert guest, author, Stanford sports psychologist, professional speaker, and SF Marathon winner, I look to Pete Zdanis is one of the finest leaders, speakers, and motivators in the world. He has been a tremendous inspiration for me in my career. Pete has helped me on so many levels with marketing, training, and moving forward in my personal and professional life. I look to Pete as my mentor. His wisdom and his contributions to USANA Health Sciences have made such a difference in peoples’ lives throughout the world. I highly recommend Pete Zdanis as one of the most brilliant and trustworthy leaders I have ever met.”


JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Owner, Your



“Pete is a top independent business leader for USANA Health Sciences. I've known Pete for many years, and he is an exceptional networker with an unparalleled work ethic. He demonstrates a very strong understanding of the network business model through his interaction with the USANA corporate team, and he always strives to maintain the highest ethical standards in building his independent USANA business. Pete works very well with the corporate team, and he works hard to help others in his organization succeed.”


Kevin McMurray, Deputy General Counsel, International & Executive Director of International Development, USANA Health Sciences, Inc



“Pete Zdanis has been a leader in the business of network marketing for many years. It has been my pleasure to contribute to his online forum, to which he has given tirelessly and without remuneration since its inception. There are many who talk the talk, but Pete walks the walk. He truly defines what a business leader is. His many direct and to the point articles on how to make your business work have been invaluable. Selflessly, he shares them with everyone, whether he directly benefits or not. Thanks, Pete!”


Joan Baumann, Student, Allan's Business College



“I have known Pete for almost 12 years. He has been a steadfast supporter of USANA Health Sciences and has exhibited strong leadership qualities. He has selflessly monitored, a list serve, an integral communication tool that has brought together people from all over the world to learn about USANA Health Sciences. Pete is unwavering in his commitment to quality and to personal development. I feel honored to be able to make this recommendation.”


Dr. Norm Dawson, New Mexico, Independent USANA Associate



“I have had the pleasure of knowing Pete for over 10 years in a work related capacity. He is a consummate professional and an asset to our company. As one of the top leaders in the history of USANA, I feel confident that he will continue to succeed in his career. He is as compassionate as he is professional and is dedicated to improving the lives of others. He and Dora have been active in improving the lives of all they touch. It is for these reasons that I offer a recommendation for Pete for any accolade or position without reservation.”


James Bramble, Former Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, USANA Health Sciences



"One name that stands out very quickly when you join USANA is "Pete Zdanis". You must if you want to learn as much as you can, is join his long standing free support site. Pete has been a mentor for many members that know if you can't find it, or you have no upline support you will no longer be alone once you tap into Pete and his site. He has been there for many USANA Associates for many years, and I am sure many more to come! I am also sure I am not alone when you say the name Pete Zdanis, you are speaking of one of the best USANA representatives. We need many more like Pete!”


Bea Kinnear, Business Owner, USANA



“I have known Pete for several years and find him to be one of the most exceptional and dedicated professionals I have ever worked with. Together we worked on a task force to update an online presentation and I was impressed by his outstanding knowledge and vision of the finished product. I also served with him and his wife Dora in Mexico where we spent a week at a children's orphanage. His contribution of service to others set an example for all to follow. I have witnessed Pete in several leadership positions, working countless hours with a clear sense of purpose, willing to help anyone, anytime. Pete Zdanis would contribute greatly to any program or institution. It’s been an honor to know him.”


Kelli Lessie, California, Business Owner, USANA Health Sciences



“Pete is one of the most astute business partners I have the pleasure to work with. His loyalty and consistency toward his world-wide distribution network and USANA Health Sciences is second to none. He enjoys high credibility, an impeccable reputation and is known for helping people, far beyond his own organization, achieve their goals.”


Hubert Krause, Quebec, CEO, Serida Marketing Inc.



“I owe my success in USANA in large part to Pete. He has helped me navigate the world of network marketing since I opted to treat it seriously almost 2 years ago. He makes time to mentor me whenever I ask. I have never known him to be "too busy" and he is a very busy person with his own international business to oversee. His advice is always detailed, insightful, and makes a difference in my check on Friday. I have no doubt that the quicker I follow his example and advice, the sooner I will meet all my goals. Thank you, Pete!”


Elizabeth Pasquale, New York, Owner, Well On the Way, LLC



“Pete is an amazing leader and has dedicated much of his time to helping others in USANA learn, grow and know what is going on in our community comprised of thousands of people. Both Pete and his wife have contributed greatly to the success of thousands of USANA associates as well as providing us with knowledge, insight and confidence in sharing the USANA vision with others. Everyone knows Pete and the hours he spends each day serving the needs of others is greatly appreciated by all. I can't wait until some day when I will reach Diamond Director status and be able to rub elbows with such greatness! Thanks again’re awesome and appreciated!”


Michael Nunnery, USANA Independent Associate



“I've known Pete Zdanis and his wife, Dora, for over twelve years. During that time I've watch them build a successful business in network marketing and help many other people do the same. Pete and Dora are some of the top producers in USANA Health Sciences and have served as President of the Independent Distributor Council. In addition he has volunteered his time to help many others in the industry without any personal gain. I am proud to be considered one of Pete's business colleagues. You could not choose a better mentor.”


Gail Stolzenburg, Texas, CEO, Health Coaching Professionals






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